Learning to Dive

The basic diving qualification, which is a condition of membership to the ANU Scuba Club, is the Open Water SCUBA diver course (or equivalent). The SCUBA Club does not actually run SCUBA courses. However, you can book Open Water courses, and view course dates and other details directly with the major Canberran providers listed below (Some provide discounts).

There are also other provider along the coast (Jervis Bay, Batemans Bay, Eden, …)

The club usually can organise discounts for Open Water courses at the beginning of each semester. You are welcome to ask for more information about it at the ANU Scuba stall during the Market Day, the Wednesday of the O’Week (week before the first semester) and Bush Week (week before the second semester).

Beyond Open Water level certification an easy, cheap and enjoyable way to gain additional experience is to get involved in ANU SCUBA club activities. Club diving will expose you to various types of diving as an alternative to taking a specific course: deep, wreck, night, cold, tropical, high altitude, fresh water etc … In addition, you can learn much about other things that divers should know about: gear and its maintenance, the use of boats and their maintenance, and much also about the great diversity of dive sites up and down the coast. You will also be able to meet other divers and gain much from sharing your diving with them.