How to join

* Important changes for memberships after 2019 *

ANU Sport has moved to a membership format whereby you purchase both your ANU Sport membership (aka your SRA membership) and your Club membership at the same time. Memberships will continue to follow a rolling format and will expire 365 days after purchase.

Since having an active ANU Sport Membership (which provides insurance coverage and club funding, among other benefits) is a condition of Club membership, your Club membership will now expire 365 days after the date of purchase, or when your ANU Sport Membership or ANU Student status expires, whichever occurs first.

More detail may be found in the Membership FAQs at the bottom of this page.

ANU Scuba Club membership

From the 1st of January 2019, ANUSC membership costs:

  • $50 for ANU students;
  • $195 for others, this includes the $120 of the SRA membership.

Club (and SRA) memberships can be purchased via the new SRA online membership system – UniOne.

Please note that there are two options to chose from – Student and Associate (i.e. Non-Student or ANU Sport Life Member).

Please ensure you check you are selecting the correct option for your circumstances.

If you are new to the club, to finalise your membership, you will also need to provide the following information through the club membership form:

  • Copy/scan of your Student Card (applicable to people registering as a student member).
  • Copy/scan of your diving certification card – please ensure your name and certification type are clear.
  • Number of dives completed.
  • Name and contact number of your emergency contact.
  • Preferred email contact for inclusion on the mailing list.

Renewing members are also requested to confirm their number of dives and emergency contact details.

Enquiries and updates regarding online memberships and/or the SRA online membership System should be directed to the SRA Membership Services Coordinator at 6125 7781 or

*Note that it is no longer possible to sign up in person at the ANU Sport reception desk or through the old Active Carrot system*

Benefits of membership
Access to cheap, high quality diving! The Club coordinates inexpensive trips to some of the best dive locations in NSW and beyond, has cheap gear hire and two beautiful boats to take you to some excellent dive sites. It’s a great opportunity to expand your diving skills and skills allied to diving, such as learning to drive a boat, anchoring and more. ANU student members also get free gear hire for club trips and other discounts. Costs for gear-hire and trips can be found on the Gear and Pricing page.

Conditions of membership

1 – ANU Sport Association membership

To join and remain a member of the ANU SCUBA Club you must pay an annual Club fee and maintain current membership of ANU Sport.

ANU students already meet this criterion: you have ANU Sport membership through the Services and Amenities fee you pay to enrol as an ANU student (unless you opted out of ANU Sport membership). You can skip to the next section! 

For all others, ANU Sport membership is included in the Club membership fee ($195)

Either way, you’ll need to check your eligibility and supply the relevant documentation before you sign up. This will depend on which membership category you’re eligible for.

Exchange students are not generally ANU Sport members and need to join ANU Sport separately as Non-Student Members. Academic visitors to the University are also obliged to join ANU Sport before they can make use of Club facilities and services.

2 – Scuba Certification

You must also hold a valid Open Water certification (any agency), or be able to prove to the satisfaction of the Committee that you are a safe and competent diver. If you do not have an Open Water certificate we have information on learning to dive available. The south coast is a great place to learn to dive!

3 – Club membership

Complete all fields, supply all required documentation, submit your form via UniOne and pay the Club fee! More details on Club membership are at the top of this page.

Membership FAQs

What happens if my student enrolment status ends a few months into my Club membership?

Your club membership will not be valid unless you maintain ANU Sport membership, so you’ll have to join ANU Sport as a non-student member, and supply proof of ANU Sport membership to the Committee, in order to continue diving with the Club. You do not have to pay extra to upgrade your Club membership fee until the 12 month period you originally paid as a student expires, but the following year you’ll be charged as a non-student (if you wish to renew, and you remain a non-student).

Are half-year memberships offered?

The ANU doesn’t offer a half year ANU Sport membership, and the Club has rarely offered these in the past. Variation to Club membership may be put to the Committee and offered only at the discretion of the Committee.

Can I sign up for the Club and ANU Sport at any time of year?

Yes, you may sign up any time that suits you and receive 12 months of membership. Memberships are usually processed weekly; however we are dependent on the SRA providing some information to us before we can process memberships. If you haven’t heard from us within a week of joining, contact the Membership Officer and let them know when you signed up and they can chase any missing information.

What are the different ANU Sport categories?

  • ANU Students: Automatically members of ANU Sport through the Services and Amenities fee.
  • Associate: For alumni of the ANU; graduates of a registered higher education provider listed on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s National Register or any successor body recognised by the University; staff of the University; staff of other organisations where the place of employment is at the University campus within the ACT; club coaches; and prospective members who do not meet the eligibility criteria but are considered suitable members by the ANU Sport Board.

Visit the ANU Sports membership page for further details on these categories.

I’m an existing member, how do I check my membership expiry date?

This is 12 months after you last paid your Scuba Club membership (check your credit card records). Alternatively, you can also contact the ANUSC Committee or the ANUSC Membership Officer. They’ll be able to advise you.

I’m not sure if I’m eligible for a full membership/if my dive qualifications are equivalent to an ‘Open Water’ certification.

Contact the ANUSC Committee or the ANUSC Membership Officer. They’ll be able to advise you.