Gear and Pricing

Extended gear rules can be found in our Gear Rules page.

Basic equipment

The club currently has 12 complete sets of SCUBA gear (tank, regulator and BCDs) and some additional tanks, weight-belts, tents, and some regulator-console mounted Suunto Gekko dive computers. The club also has a few small camping tents for hire. Please ensure you know how to use the equipment (especially the dive computers) before using them. See the user manuals page for instructions.

If you need snorkelling gear (wetsuit, mask, fins, weight belt etc.) you can hire it at a discounted rate from the Straightline (mention that you are an ANUSC diver). In January 2007, the hire fees were $40 for a full set of snorkelling gear for a long weekend.


For club trips away, basic equipment can be used free by ANU student members and for a small fee for our non-student members. All Club members can hire gear cheaply for private use on other weekends.

In order to sensibly deal with the use of the club gear and to ensure fair use of the gear by all of the members we have evolved sets of rules for the use of the club gear. These are detailed below.

TankHire: $0, Deposit: $10Hire: $10, Deposit: $10 Hire: $10, Deposit: $10
BCDHire: $0, Deposit: $10 Hire: $10, Deposit: $10 Hire: $10, Deposit: $10
RegulatorHire: $0, Deposit: $10 Hire: $10, Deposit: $10 Hire: $10, Deposit: $10
Weight beltHire: $0, Deposit: $10 Hire: $5, Deposit: $10 Hire: $5, Deposit: $10
TentHire: $0, Deposit: $10 Hire: $5, Deposit: $10 Hire: $5, Deposit: $10

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