Gear and Pricing

Extended gear rules can be found in our Gear Rules page.

Basic equipment

The club currently has 12 complete sets of SCUBA gear (tank, regulator and BCDs) and some additional tanks, weight-belts, tents, and some regulator-console mounted Suunto Gekko or Zoop dive computers (see user manuals). The club also has a few small camping tents for hire. Please ensure you understand how the equipment works (especially the dive computers) before you use it.

If you need snorkelling gear (wetsuit, mask, fins, weight belt etc.) you can hire it at a discounted rate from Straightline Sports (mention that you are an ANUSC diver). In January 2007, the hire fees were $40 for a full set of snorkelling gear for a long weekend.


For club trips away, basic equipment can be used for free by Full Time student members and for a small fee for other members. All Club members can hire gear cheaply for private use on other weekends.

In order to sensibly deal with the use of the club gear and to ensure fair use of the gear by all of the members we have evolved sets of rules for the use of the club gear. These are detailed below.

Tank$0 + Deposit$10 + Deposit$10 + Deposit
BCD$0 + Deposit$10 + Deposit$10 + Deposit
Regulator$0 + Deposit$10 + Deposit$10 + Deposit
Weight belt$0 + Deposit$5 + Deposit$5 + Deposit
Tent$0 + Deposit$5 + Deposit$5 + Deposit
ANUSC Gear Hire Fees

Rolling Deposit

To limit money handling during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Committee decided that the ANUSC would move to be ‘cashless’. Gear hire deposits are now a one-off (like a small house bond) and gear fees are added to the trip sheet and thus paid by bank transfer with the trip accounts.

We now take a standing deposit of $50 (made by EFT) before any hiring of gear by any club member. The club will keep this deposit until you ask us to return it (presumably when you no longer want to hire gear with the club, or if financial circumstances apply where you would like it returned). We will keep a running list of deposits (printed at the shed and a more up to date version online) for gear officers to check when you hire gear. The advantage of a standing deposit is that you will only have to go through this one time and then you will be able to continually hire gear (assuming there is not a reason to withhold the deposit).

Generally, we would prefer that this deposit be paid before attending gear hire at the shed (and ideally at least a few days in advance so we can check to see if it is received and update our records). Please pay to the club’s Bank Australia account (this changed in March 2021, so please ensure you use the current details below):

Account Name: ANU Scuba Diving Club
BSB: 313140
Account Number: 12320415

After paying, please email and let us know you have paid at:

If you forget to pay, you can do so on the day of gear hire and show the gear issue officer a screenshot of your deposit transfer (and again, please email the committee to inform us of the deposit).

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