The club is run by volunteers and it is because of the efforts and contributions of club members that we are able to enjoy fantastic diving with the club. This page recognises members who have made significant contributions towards the club over the years.

SRA Awards

The ANU’s SRA has an annual awards ceremony which recognizes achievements by its athletes and members: the Blues Awards. One particular award, the Peter McCallaugh award, recognizes achievements by an individual in ANU Sporting Clubs across administrative achievement, outstanding contribution to clubs, or sporting excellence. If you think someone in the club is deserving of such an award, please consider nominating them for one of these awards.

We are proud of following members who have won SRA awards for outstanding contributions towards the club.

2011 SRA Peter McCullagh Award
Ray Vran

2008 SRA Peter McCullagh Award
Chris Bloomfield
Walter Steyn

2008 Sports Star of the Year Award
Walter Steyn

2002 SRA Peter McCullagh Award
Horst Punzmann

1999 SRA Peter McCullagh Award
Jeremy Weinman

SRA Peter McCullagh Award
Chuck Young

Life members

The club has from time to time elected someone a Life Member. This is an honorary position, which does not confer normal membership rights, but is a way of saying “thank you” to people who have put in many years’ work. Our life members are:

Glenn Cocking

Angela Ivanovici

Norm Schram

Paul Thomas

Ray Vran

Jeremy Weinman

Chuck Young