We care about your safety and would like to know of any incident or near-miss that happens during a club activity. You can email the committee to send an (optionally anonymous) report. By collecting this information, we hope to find out what can go wrong and what’s going right, to reduce the risk of incidents in the future. It will also assist us in our requirement to report all safety incidents to the SRA. To ensure we don’t miss important aspects, please could you use the following headings:

what things happened that were bad:  
what things happened that were good:  
anything that needs to be followed-up?:  

This is an intermittent series describing incidents or near-misses on club trips, and suggesting ways they might be avoided.

If you’re involved, or nearly were, in any incident (in the water, on the surface, during a boat ride, or on the shore) we’d like to hear from you. please let us know (anonymously if you like).

Please be sure to review the club’s safety guidelines.