What to do if you have trouble with club gear

Take care while transporting and using the gear, and always clean everything properly straight after a trip — doing this is your best bet of getting clean and functional gear for your next trip.

Always check basic functionality of all gear already at gear issue to avoid disappointments while on the trip (and of course do this again just before every dive!).

On a diving trip, if you think there is a problem with the gear and you are uncertain what it is or how to fix it ask our experienced members for help/opinions – if it can’t be fixed on the spot, most trips take spare gear down or you can borrow somebody else’s club gear.

All problems with club gear should be reported directly to the Gear Officer in the first instance, with the number of the equipment, and a detailed description of what is wrong with it. They might tell you to take the gear straight to the SCUBA Store, as this will decrease the down time – you have to tell at gear return if this has happened so it can be logged why the gear wasn’t returned on time.

At gear return, faulty gear has to be put aside and tagged with labels (in the gear cage) to prevent anyone else using it until fixed. Tell the gear issue officer what the problem is, and make sure it gets notified!

If you are uncertain about any of these instructions, ask first before taking action!