Gear issue and return

A rostered gear issue officer (RGIO) has volunteered their time/services to attend the gear shed as required every Thursday evening. This is so people who have gear requirements for private trips as well as normal club weekends can draw gear and then return it.

Gear issue and return is at our green shed located at ANU’s North Oval near the corner of Barry Drive I McCaughey Street just across the road from ANU campus (see map on the cover of this brochure).

For Club trips

RGIOs will attend the gear shed on the Thursday night before and after every club weekend away unless otherwise advised. Standard hours are 5.30pm-6.00pm.

To help ensure smooth sailing, it is suggested that trip co-ordinators liaise with the RGIO to ensure that they remain well placed to attend. See our page on coordinating club trips for more info.

For gear return, if you have hired gear and you intend to hire the same gear out for the coming weekend, you must return the gear and be reissued with it and pay the hire fee on the next gear issue. This is especially important for upcoming big trips, where all the gear might be needed (and potentially has to be shared between divers), as carry-over would give individuals an unfair advantage.

For private trips

Club gear is available to members for private trips on weekends where no club trip is planned.
Please note that for private trips, a RGIO will only attend if required. This means that if you don’t contact the RGIO, they will not attend the gear shed and you will not have access to the gear. The onus is also on the individual to make contact with the relevant RGIO in order to return the gear on the following Thursday night. If you do not contact the RGIO and do not return your gear, expect to forfeit your deposit.

Club members should give the RGIO suitable notice. And if you have the right change, that also makes everyone’s life easier.

Contact details for the RGIOs can be found in the member list.

For RGIOs, instruction on issuing and returning gear are available here.

Returning gear

Before you return the gear to the shed the following Thursday. Please have the tanks filled, and make sure you wash and dry everything thoroughly, rinse inside BCD’s etc. – well looked-after gear will serve us longer! See the gear care page for more details.

If you have gear to return and you are not able to make it or don’t have transportation, let the trip coordinator AND the gear issue officer know before the gear issue. We often have back-to-back trips and especially on bigger trips, gear is in high demand – so we need to make sure everything gets bad into the shed before the next trip. Furthermore, if you do not inform anyone about your inability to return the gear AND arrange for some alternative gear return time, $10 will be deducted from your deposit for every week you are late returning your gear.