Gear hire rules

General rules

The SCUBA Club is an affiliated Club of the Sports and Recreation Association and is constitutionally obliged to cater to the needs of its student members. Part of this obligation is to have a tiered charging scheme for student and non-student members. The committee feels that the best way to meet this obligation is to charge non-full-time students a small gear hire fee on Club trip weekends. Full-time students will still be allowed free hire on Club trip weekends. A refundable deposit is required for all hires, regardless of whether or not a hire fee is due.

Members hiring gear are not guaranteed exclusive use of that gear on a Club trip weekend. If there is excessive demand for gear, sharing may be required. However, sharing will be limited to 2 divers sharing one set of gear. Thus there may be a need to limit the numbers of members attending some Club trips away.

  • Wash gear properly before returning it at the scheduled gear return date after a dive trip.
  • Hire rates are for a single Club trip only. If you are planning on going to multiple trips you still need to return the gear in-between and pay the fees/deposit for the next trip.
  • $10 will be deducted from your deposit if you return your gear unwashed.
  • $10 will be deducted from your deposit per item, per week, if you are late returning your gear.
  • Please contact the gear officer if you can’t return your gear in time.
  • One set of gear is provided only to qualified divers who are current members of both the ANU SCUBA Diving Club and the Sports and Recreation Association (SRA). Persons not known to the issuing officer may be asked to show their ANUSC and/or their SRA card and may be checked against the list of current members. You cannot borrow a 2nd set (or partial set) for a non-member.
  • Gear is available for use as described above subject to the prescribed deposit, refundable when the equipment is returned the next week, complete and unabused, washed and with the tanks full.
  • Each and every piece of gear hired requires a $10 deposit.
  • Borrowers are not guaranteed exclusive use and may be required to share with other club members on a dive.
  • Equipment is supplied primarily for the support of diving as a club. It is available for private use when there are no scheduled club outings at private hire rates. Private hire may be allowed when a club outing is scheduled: IF all gear needed for the club trip has been issued, and IF all spare gear needed for the club trip has been issued, then IF there is still leftover gear, this may be hired privately, at private hire rates.
  • The club does not accept advance bookings for the use of equipment.
  • Equipment may be borrowed and returned at 5:30 pm on Thursdays, via the rostered issuing officer, who attends only on request. In order to allow everybody fair access, gear must be returned by the Thursday following the week of issue. If you don’t ring a gear officer, or a club official if you can’t contact one, to arrange return of your gear you must expect to lose your deposit.
  • The member signing for gear remains fully responsible for it until it is signed back in. Negligent loss or damage will be treated in accordance with current policy of the Club and the Sports and Recreation Association, which retains ownership of all club equipment. Borrowers are expected to keep track of all gear issued to them, particularly on dives where it is shared.
  • To avoid damage, always remove jacket vests from tanks before transport.
  • After use wash ALL gear in fresh water, rinse out vests internally, and return them half-inflated. Hose down your tanks and tank boot. Ensure that the dust cap is tightly fitted to the reg before soaking. Water in the reg will damage it and can result in total failure of your reg or gauges. Apart from the danger to you or other users, this costs us lots of money to replace.
  • NEVER EVER leave tanks or hoses or vests in your car in the hot sun.
  • In the interests of safety and to avoid inadvertent re-issue, all faulty gear must be labelled as such on return, AND reported personally to the gear maintenance officer by the borrower.

Please check your gear

  • Make sure the tank is full (use regulator to check pressure), both when you hire out a tank and when you return it.
  • Check BCD inflator buttons: Inflate BCD and press buttons, make sure they don’t get stuck.
  • Check if your regulator is clean (no sand or salt crystals).

Please report any problems with your hire gear to the gear issue officer or the gear officer.

Club Spares

  • The Trip Coordinator will determine whether or not there is a requirement for Club Spares to be taken on any particular trip. Factors that may influence this decision would include the number of divers, distance needed to be traveled for fills and availability of expertise for running repairs during the trip, for example.
  • Club Spares are to be checked out under the name of the trip coordinator and designated as a Club Spare at no fee and no deposit.
  • Club Spares are to be marked as such with Gaffa tape and a marking pen upon checkout. This is to be removed by the RGIO upon return after the trip.
  • During the trip the Club Spares are to be accessible to all Club member participants. Priority of access to Spares will depend upon individual and trip circumstances and should be settled sensibly and amicably at the time.
  • In the case of tanks: whoever uses it is responsible for ensuring it is refilled and available for use by another Club member. Fill fees are paid by the user.
  • In the case of regs: regs with computers attached are NOT to be designated as Club Spares due to the risks inherent in sharing computers.
  • The trip coordinator may delegate the transport of Club Spares to other Club member trip participants as necessary.
  • The last Club member to use a Club Spare is responsible for ensuring that it is returned to the shed rinsed and ready for use.
  • There is no such thing as a Club Spare for a private trip. All Club gear used for Private trips is to be paid for.