Environmental Legislation

Montague Island:
Approach distances for marine mammals – (including seals)

Moreton Bay:
Zoning to protect the Moreton Bay Marine Park came into effect 1st March 2009

Solitary Island:
Further afield, but the club does play here too: http://www.mpa.nsw.gov.au/simp-zoning-plan-review.html

Lady Musgrave Island: Responsible recreation on the GBR

As of July 2007, Two submarine cable protection zones were declared off Sydney. Following consultation, exceptions were made for anchoring on a number of wrecks inside the zones. Details on the zones and anchoring restrictions are in these PDFs: Northern zone declaration and Explanatory notes Southern zone declaration and Explanatory notes.
General legislation:Coral friendly diving (Coral Reef Alliance).
Approach distances for marine mammals (NSW).

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