Ad-hoc dives

The published diving calendar reperesents only the minimum of diving that you can do. Members are encouraged to use club gear at reduced rates to organise their own dives when the club isn’t planning something. Better still, after having dived with the club and demonstrated your commitment and ability, club members can make use of the club boats. One of the ways members can do so is to organise a Club dive at short notice. If someone does this it is advertised here and by email. So, get involved and go diving!

  • Any club member who has to the satisfaction of the Committee been an active and contributing Club member may run a Club dive at short notice.
  • All such club dives must first be cleared with the Committee and then be advertised fully (club email list/club web site) at least one week in advance and are open to any club member who wishes to attend.
  • At least one of the members running such a dive must have a current Waterways licence and be approved by the Committee as a boat handler.
  • Charges similar to those used on normally scheduled Club dives are to be used.
  • The organizer of such boat usage is responsible for arranging (following discussion with the boat officer or other appropriate members of the executive) any repairs/servicing that is required to the boat arising from the Club dive.
  • In recognition of the fact that the ad hoc is a full club Dive, open to all club members, gear is available at normal club dive rates.