Towing Checklist

Connecting the trailer

  • Hitch connected and locked with pin
  • Trailer Chain connected
  • Electrical plug connected
  • Handbrake off (& flipped backwards)
  • Reversing latch disengaged
  • Jockey wheel raised and locked
  • Wheel chocks removed (if in shed)

Securing the boat

  • Engine Up & support bracket attached
  • Front tie strap (Check that the strap doesn’t wrap around the brake cable)
  • Boat to Trailer strap
  • Boat to engine strap

Boat Checks

  • Pontoon pressure (Deflate when ascending, inflate when descending)
  • Arial down and secured
  • Raise bailers
  • Painter rope secured
  • Anchor & float secured
  • Fuel, spare tyres, Jerry cans, water cans and mermaid line secured to rear
  • Dive flag and oars in position
  • Power off
  • Console doors closed and locked
  • No other loose items

Inspect tires and hubs

Check trailer lights