Use of the Boats

Waterways licenses and us

It is a legislative requirement that all boats capable of doing over 10 knots are in the control of (being driven by or the driver supervised by) a licensed boat driver. Furthermore, as our SRA insurance is invalid when operating illegally, all boat trips must have a current licensed member onboard.

Licenses are available from Waterways NSW. The cost of a 3 year Waterways Boat License is $167, and additional testing fees may apply (2019 prices).

To encourage more licensed boat drivers in the Club, we offer:

  • concessions to boat drivers; and
  • subsidy for student doing their boat license logbook during club trips

Using the boats (and SCUBA gear) for dives in addition to scheduled Club Dives

Other than dives scheduled by the committee after discussion at a club meeting, when boats are not being used or about to be used for formal club activities they may be used by for diving by club members.

Club dives organized at short notice (ad hoc dives)

See the Ad-Hoc dives page for more details.