Boat Towing Subsidies

The committee suggests the following subsidies for those kind folk who tow the club’s boats to and from the coast.

Please note that these numbers are a guide only. Specifically, they do not include mileage between the camp and the boat ramp. A rough guide – 50km worth of boat ramp-camp trips would add $8 to the subsidy at $1.30cpl. Please include this in the subsidy if it is significant.

Don’t forget to include any commercial boat/under-car washing costs. e.g. $4 car underbody wash, $6 boat wash.
Boats and cars should be washed at the boat ramp/campsite if possible.

If you’re coordinating a trip and want to offer a larger or smaller subsidy, please feel free to do so – it’s your trip. If you’re towing a boat and want to ask for a larger or smaller subsidy, please feel free to do so – it’s your car.

The committee would appreciate feedback from trip coordinators if the suggestions above aren’t suitable.

GOAT / SQUIDkm (approx)$1.20$1.30$1.40$1.50$1.60$1.70Plus wear & tearNotes
Batemans Bay300$32$35$38$41$43$46$15 
Pretty Beach380$41$44$48$51$55$58$19 
Shellharbour440$48$51$55$59$63$67$22Boatwash at  ramp
Mystery Bay450$49$53$57$61$65$69$23 
Jervis Bay520$56$61$66$70$75$80$26 
Port Hacking570$62$67$72$77$82$87$29 
Eden/Boydtown580$63$68$73$78$84$89$29Boatwash at  Quarantine Bay
Currarong/Honeymoon 580$63$68$73$78$84$89$29Boatwash at Pt Perp gate
Norah Head790$85$92$100$107$114$121$40 
Seal Rocks1090$118$128$137$147$157$167$55Boatwash at  campsite
South West Rocks1465$158$171$185$198$211$224$73 
Woolli/Minnie Water1825$175$190$204$219$234$248$91 

The above tables have been generated from the below spreadsheet, which can be used for other destinations or rates.

For future coordinators, towers, and committees: the above distances are from route planners on the web.
Towing cost assumptions are:

TrailerFuel Usage L/100km
LMI Red gear trailer5.0
Bauer Compressor5.0
LMI Compressor/box trailer4.0

Wear & Tear subsidy: A flat rate of 5c per km.
NB: The W&T subsidy is not applicable to items carried within a vehicle (eg, the Bauer compressor)
Boat/Car Wash: $4 Car underbody wash. $6 Boat wash if required
(i.e. not done at boat ramp/campsite prior to departure).